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Experienced Criminal Defense Practice In State And Federal Courts

Dutko & Kroll, P.A. are uniquely qualified for criminal defense, and are known for taking on complex felony criminal cases in state and federal courts. We welcome anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense.

Our attorneys provide courtroom advocacy when going to trial is prudent or necessary, but our attorneys are skilled at positioning clients for favorable, out-of-court case resolutions. We work proactively to avoid formal charges, to get charges dismissed or downgraded, or to mitigate the penalties at the sentencing phase.

Among Florida's Most Experienced Felony, Misdemeanor and Administrative Law Attorneys

When everything that matters is at stake — your livelihood, your reputation, your freedom — the caliber of your criminal defense can truly make a difference in protecting you and your family. The attorneys at Fort Lauderdale's Dutko & Kroll, P.A., have uncommon state and federal trial experience in a broad spectrum of complex cases.

Practice Areas In Brief:

  • White collar crimes — We provide a sophisticated defense for fraud and financial crimes, including mortgage fraud, tax fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud and embezzlement.
  • RICO Act — We defend people charged with criminal conspiracy and racketeering crimes connected to organized crime such as money laundering, bribery, extortion or obstruction of justice.
  • Violent crimes and major felonies — Our lawyers have tried cases of capital offenses, murder and manslaughter, aggravated assault, sex offenses and other felony crimes punishable by long prison sentences.
  • Other misdemeanor and felony crimes — We provide a vigorous defense no matter what the charges, including DUI, drug possession, theft, domestic violence or other offenses.
  • Administrative law and professional license defense — We are among the few firms that represent professionals on criminal charges and in disciplinary or licensing board proceedings.
  • Election law violations and ethics complaints — We represent political candidates and elected officials accused of campaign law violations, bribery, misuse of funds and other misconduct.
  • Appeals and post-conviction relief — Our lawyers can appeal your conviction or overly harsh sentence. We have handled precedent-setting cases.

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