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Conpsiracy Laws and RICO Statutes

Defending Against Racketeering and Criminal Conspiracy Charges

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act) was designed to give federal law enforcement more tools and more teeth to combat organized crime. In their zeal, federal investigators and prosecutors often overstate the "conspiracy," implicate the innocent or cut corners with the constitutional rights of the accused.

The defense attorneys at Dutko & Kroll, P.A. have successfully defended clients prosecuted under RICO statutes. We conduct our own investigation to contradict allegations of racketeering and to fight the underlying charges of criminal activity.

If you are accused as a co-conspirator in a RICO case or suspect you are under investigation, contact us today to preserve your rights and strategize your defense.

More About The RICO Act and Qualified RICO Defenses

Racketeering refers to crimes committed to further illegal business activities or to cover up the criminal enterprise. The RICO Act enumerates several dozen crimes that may trigger RICO provisions, such as money laundering, bribery, extortion, collusion, embezzlement, terroristic threats, obstruction of justice, counterfeiting, wire fraud and arson.

We are called upon for our experience in alleged RICO conspiracies relating to drug trafficking, illegal gambling, loan sharking, organized fraud, prostitution and other underworld enterprises.

Unique Qualifications for Your RICO Defense

The prosecution must establish a criminal organization and demonstrate a pattern of racketeering that includes two or more enumerated RICO crimes. Our experienced trial lawyers all are former Broward County prosecutors, and Mike Dutko also served in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department as a detective in its organized crime bureau. This lends unique insight and experience to your RICO case.

We are skilled at challenging the government's case to show that the elements of a criminal conspiracy were not met. What sets us apart is our ability to conduct an investigation that rivals or exceeds the government's own investigation. We can sometimes avert RICO indictments and resolve cases without formal charges by sharing our conclusions with prosecutors.

Remembering What's At Stake ...

The stakes are high, including the possibility of years in prison, major fines, asset forfeiture and civil RICO lawsuits for damages. Before you say one word to state or federal authorities, you need the advice of attorneys experienced in complex criminal litigation.

Practice Areas In Brief:

  • White collar crimes — We provide a sophisticated defense for fraud and financial crimes, including mortgage fraud, tax fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud and embezzlement.
  • RICO Act — We defend people charged with criminal conspiracy and racketeering crimes connected to organized crime such as money laundering, bribery, extortion or obstruction of justice.
  • Violent crimes and major felonies — Our lawyers have tried cases of capital offenses, murder and manslaughter, aggravated assault, sex offenses and other felony crimes punishable by long prison sentences.
  • Other misdemeanor and felony crimes — We provide a vigorous defense no matter what the charges, including DUI, drug possession, theft, domestic violence or other offenses.
  • Administrative law and professional license defense — We are among the few firms that represent professionals on criminal charges and in disciplinary or licensing board proceedings.
  • Election law violations and ethics complaints — We represent political candidates and elected officials accused of campaign law violations, bribery, misuse of funds and other misconduct.
  • Appeals and post-conviction relief — Our lawyers can appeal your conviction or overly harsh sentence. We have handled precedent-setting cases.

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