The Attorneys of Dutko & Kroll, P.A.

Michael E. Dutko & Jeremy J .Kroll

Continuing A Legacy Of Exceptional Legal Defense!

Michael E. Dutko and Jeremy J. Kroll are the partners behind Dutko & Kroll, P.A. They bring with them a legacy of exceptional legal practice in South Florida.

Between them, Mr. Dutko and Mr. Kroll bring with them nearly 60 years of combined legal experience. Their unique synergy makes them among the most desired criminal defense firms in Florida.

From white collar crimes and violent crimes to criminal conspiracy or corruption, Dutko & Kroll, P.A. handle all stages of serious felony prosecutions, commonly engaging state and federal law enforcement agencies in pre-indictment investigations. They know how to approach the state attorney or U.S. attorney after an arrest and formal charges.

Dutko & Kroll, P.A. also handle state and federal appeals.

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The criminal defense lawyers of Dutko & Kroll, P.A. practice in both state and federal courts, attributes that set us apart from other law firms, which typically practice exclusively in state court or exclusively in the federal arena.

Our versatility enables us to deliver skilled and aggressive defense in either legal venue.

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